Education Update from the Road to Hope Program

We have all been anxiously awaiting news on the re-opening of schools. The president addressed the nation on September 22nd, announcing updates on vaccinations and the re-opening of religious institutions. Schools, however, remain closed as the government seeks to ensure more teachers are vaccinated. Tertiary institutions will reopen on November 1 while primary and secondary schools will not resume in-person classroom learning until January 2022. A few RTH children will return to vocational schools and university in November, but the majority of our children will remain at home until next year.

PCAU anticipated this and had already resumed homeschooling and education support for RTH children – re-engaging the identified teachers in the children’s communities and providing learning materials.

In addition, PCAU is holding regional retreats with all RTH children with the following two goals: 1) to introduce new staff member Anita who will be overseeing the RTH program, and 2) talk with the children about how they are doing and how PCAU can best support them. PCAU is concerned about the many psychosocial issues children may be facing during the extended lockdown, and they feel the in-person connection with the children is crucial.

If you would like to write a note of encouragement to a child on the RTH program, please contact Denis Kidde at They love to receive notes from their friends and supporters in the U.S.!

Sharon and her grandmother receive supplies during the lockdown

Kellen receives supplies for homeschooling