Road to Hope Camp

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Road to Hope Camp

• Brings together sponsored children in the Road to Hope Program.

• Provides an environment to check on the children’s academic progress, response to grief/loss, emotional coping skills and to have fun.

• Provides one-on-one interventions, as needed, to determine if a child’s needs (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, academic) are being met at school and in their living situations.

• Facilitates some bonding with the children, especially those who come from the same or nearby districts.

During the camp, students receive encouragement and acceptance of their unique circumstances, abilities, and dreams for themselves. Children were welcomed at the conference center by PCAU staff members and have lunch together, choose roommates and check in to their respective rooms. Leisure time follows, with some children resting and others playing games like football (soccer), cards and netball.

Children also appoint a camp president and vice president whose roles are to ensure that activities stay on time, work with PCAU staff to involve all children in the camp activities and ensure that all children are in good health. The children chose to appoint their camp leaders through a vote.